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TZM Valentine Collection

Personalized For Your Valentine

These new jewelry entries make the perfect Valentine’s Gift 2021 

Personalized, hand stamped jewelry carries a deep message that makes it even closer to the one that you are giving it to. For all those of you that are willing to make this Valentine’s day one to remember, take a look at our newest Valentine’s Collection. A selection of 4 extraordinary new designs that captivate with their minimal and dainty look. 

Custom Sweetheart Necklace

Custom Sweetheart Necklace

The Custom Sweetheart Necklace is the modern version of carving lovers' initials into a tree and it allows you to wear those initials every day to show off your love. This fine piece of jewelry is designed to flatter the latest jewelry trends and deliver a minimalist style.
Made of high quality materials, this necklace will be a long-term token of love and appreciation that will look great with any fashion style. Also, its trendy design allows styling with other similar jewelry pieces as well as the popular trend of layering. Available in sterling silver, 14K gold fill, and 14K rose gold fill.
Custom Hand Stamped Tiny Heart Necklace

Custom Hand-Stamped Tiny Heart Necklace

Wear the initials of a loved one every day with this simple and elegant Custom Hand-Stamped Tiny Heart Necklace.

This piece gives you lots of extra customization options; from being able to add on extra heart pendants, choosing from 2 font styles for the hand stamping or boosting the elegance factor by adding on the satellite chain (shown in the photo above). A definite must have if you're wanting to gift something extra personalized. 

Custom Zodiac Double Heart Necklace

Custom Zodiac Double Heart Necklace

The zodiac match and aligning of the stars are something that the astrologists say is important for a relationship to be successful and long-lasting. 

Hand stamping the zodiac sign onto a jewelry pendant is a beautiful Valentine gift option and will certainly leave the zodiac follower in awe.

The two hearts are joined as one, both hanging from the same ring. The smaller heart compliments the bigger one as they are positioned one over the other. The smaller heart features a zodiac sign and the bigger heart is customizable with a short word or initials.

Custom Ava Heart Necklace

Custom Ava Heart Hand Stamped Necklace 

This design was inspired by our top selling Custom Paw Print Ava Necklace only it features a heart pendant, as it comes from the Valentines's Collection.

The vertical bar pendant elevates and compliments the heart pendant. Both pendants can be customized making it a very stylish jewelry piece that is more than just a gift.

Tiny Zen Memory


We hope you love our new Valentine's Collection and find something that allows you to give a personalized gift to someone you love. 

Each piece is hand made with love in our Edmonton studio. Our materials are ethically sourced in North America and the highest quality grade. 

Be sure to check out some of our other custom pieces that we know you'll love!

We honour your story and love connecting with you. If you have any questions about a piece or how to customize it please email us at:

 Tiny Zen Memory









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