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We are M E I R A K O.

Since opening Tiny Zen Memory in 2018, we have been designing and creating personalized jewelry inspired by the meaningful moments life gives us.
We have been growing steadily from my one-man show to a small team of 4 women.

Owning a handmade business is not easy, but with the amazing support from our customers, we can dream of our new chapter.
The love we receive from people about the connection they feel with their loved one or fondest memory when they wear one of our designs is truly inspiring and special to us. 

It wasn't until my brother passed away from cancer that I truly realized the deep meaning, connection and comfort our jewelry can have. I created a necklace using my brother's handwriting and I feel like he is with me whenever I wear it. I love knowing that I have a piece of him close to my heart always. 
From this experience, I developed a strong feeling of where we are heading and who we are.

We honour the trust of our customer's place in us as they share their most profound personal moments. 
This is not just jewelry but a way to connect and bring love and light to beautiful moments and memories.
This new insight has inspired us to change our name to carry out this new mission.

We are now MEIRAKO. 
Meira means “giving light” or “one who shines”  
Ko is my family name and a memory of my brother.

MEIRAKO is the commitment and promise that we will create jewelry we are proud of and that brings light into people's lives. 
Each piece is made for you with an eye for excellence and a commitment to perfection using high-quality materials. 
Our jewelry is created through an eco-friendly process in Canada.

We're all one-of-a-kind, and we believe that our jewelry should always be as beautiful, unique and meaningful as you are. 
We love our customers and value the significance of every story you share. We want to connect with you. 

We are timeless, minimal, and meaningful.